How To Draw Village Scenery | Village Scenery Drawing

How To Draw Village Scenery

How To Draw Village Scenery: At this time I am here to show you how to make another good drawing. What I have named is the village scenery drawing. I am going to tell you how to make it good, maybe you will like it very much and you will also like this drawing. It takes a little while to make because the drawing is a bit long.

I’ll just make it a soft pencil and you can make it colorful if you want. Because if I paint it, it will take me a long time, so I’m not painting. That’s how I like my drawing. Because I am working very hard so that it becomes good and you can easily understand. And I’m starting to finish it in just one point.

Step For Village Scenery Drawing:

Now I’m here to tell you how to make it. Now you have to pay attention so that you can understand it easily. First we have to make two rooms, not in front of each other, there should be a little space between them. The windows of the rooms and the doors will also be washed. And with that we will make a palm tree that will add to the beauty of our drawing. And the courtyard will also be in front of the rooms.

Then we have to make a banana tree behind the rooms, which also adds to the beauty of our drawing. So we will make trees. And we will make a well in front of them a short distance away. Because we have to present the village scene. Because our mission is to make the drawing we do different from all the other people and be very cute. If you add color to this drawing, it will become much more beautiful. Then when other people see our drawings, they will want to make drawings from us.

How To Draw Village Scenery

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