How To Draw Sunflower | Sunflower Drawing

How To Draw Sunflower

How To Draw Sunflower: Today we are going to do a nice and lovely drawing called How To Draw Sunflower. This is a very nice drawing. Assume that this is also a drawing similar to nature. For this we need very little time and very few things with the help of which we draw. It is very popular in both children and adults.

The elders make it very much and are happy. Because its color is very cute. By the way, people use its seeds for food and also for making oil. It is very hot. Its color is similar to the sun. People also cultivate it happily. I will complete this in one step so that we can spend less time building it. And for that you will need a black soft pencil.

Method For Sunflower Drawing:

Now I am going to tell you how to draw it which is very easy and short. To make it, we must have a thick chart paper. With the help of which we will be able to draw on it. When we start we will make flowers first. Make two layers of flowers.

One up and one down. Then we will make its leaves and branches. If we want to make it beautiful, we will fill it with color. Its flowers will be yellow and its leaves will be green and its twigs will be brown. This will make her drawing very cute.

How To Draw Sunflower

Watch Video For Sunflower Drawing:

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