How To Draw Nature | Nature Drawing

How To Draw Nature

Drawing Nature: Today I have come up with a very good drawing for the people. It is titled How To Draw Nature. Seeing this very lovely and natural nature, I have made this drawing and I was eager to share it with you, so I am sharing this with you. So that you too can take advantage of this drawing and nature. You too can try to make this kind of drawing and make a drawing even sweeter than mine.

Many people like drawing like nature. Because they have a lot of power. They want to see all the sights of nature. They may have never seen such a thing, so they will see it now by looking at such a drawing. And they also put such drawings on the walls of their houses to make their house look beautiful. I will also complete this drawing in one step so that it will be easy for you and me.

First Step:

In the first step I will tell you how to draw this nature. And what do we need to have for that? To make it, we need a soft pencil, thick paper and a CD. Because with the CD we will make a circle in which to do all these drawings. Now let’s start our drawing. First we make a big circle with the help of CD. T

hen We will make the sky in it upwards and the water below and the earth between them. We will build trees on the ground and build a boat in the water with a girl sitting on one side and a girl sitting on the other side. And We will make their shade in the water. We will make the sun in the sky so that the evening view can be seen.

How To Draw Nature


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