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How TO Draw Eyes

How TO Draw Eyes: Now I have a very cute and nice kind of drawing that I am going to tell you which I have named How TO Draw Eyes. This drawing is a very good and very lovely drawing by my reckoning. It also takes very little time to make. And the drawing looks so cute. People love to have this kind of drawing.

We make such drawings and install them in our homes. Because they want to enhance the beauty in their homes. Because anyway, drawing brings beauty to homes, so people apply. I will complete this in just one step. Because this is a very small drawing. It does not take much time or effort.

First and Last Step:

First of all we will take a black pencil in it which is very soft. Because drawing is always done with soft pencil because drawing with soft pencil looks very cute. After that we will make the hair above the eyes and make the forehead which will look very cute. And after that We will make eyes and make hair with eyes.

They also have to be made with a soft pencil. Then after that we will make a circle inside the eyes. You can fill them in if you want. The coloring drawing will be very cute. But it will take time to fill the color. So I’m not adding color to it.

How To Draw Eyes

Watch Video For Eyes Drawing:

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