How To Draw Eiffel Tower | Eiffel Tower Drawing

How To Draw Eiffel Tower

How To Draw Eiffel Tower: At this time I have come to tell you how to draw Eiffel Tower. This is a very big tower. I think it’s in Iran. I can’t say for sure. If I’m wrong, you can correct my mistake. You tell me in the comments then I will fix it. It is big and beautiful. Drawing it is not everyone’s job.

Because this tower is big and there is a lot of work in it, you will not be able to do it, so I am telling you the easy way. This tower is very valuable. It was built by French engineers who designed the tower and completed it. Today we will draw it. Let’s see how well we can make this drawing. I am thinking of completing this drawing in just one step. So that you all understand it in a good way.

First And last Complete Step For Eiffel Tower drawing:

We are now starting to draw the tower. That’s why we need a pencil and paper. First we took a picture of it and we will draw it because there will be many people like me who have not seen this tower, so they will look at this picture and draw it. First we have to draw a straight line at its base.

And you have to put a few straight lines on it from both the corners and you have to make a little round on top of it, then you will put straight lines from both the corners and then you will make a round. And on top of that we will make it like a dome and put a straight line on top. In the end, we will make two hearts with it.

How To Draw Eiffel Tower
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