How To Draw Birthday Cake | Birthday Cake Drawing

How To Draw Birthday Cake

How To Draw Birthday Cake: Now I have come up with a nice drawing which I have named How To Draw Birthday Cake. Today I will tell you about the drawing of this cake and how it is done. And what more do you need to do to make this cake drawing? Everyone loves this cake. Everyone bites on their birthday. Because they celebrate their birth together.

This is a happy day for them. Her drawing is very cute. You can also draw it. Drawing a cake is not difficult at all. You can also draw a cake in your own home. There must be many colored pencils for drawing the cake with the help of which we will be able to complete our drawing. And it requires a black pointer. I will complete the drawing of this cake in just one step.

Step For Birthday Cake Drawing:

First we have to take a pointer with the help of which we have to sketch the whole cake and then we will shape it into a cake. Because the cake is made of many colors. When the color is filled in the drawing of the cake, the drawing becomes very beautiful and people start liking it very much.

When it becomes a sketch, then we will make a candle on it because at that time a candle is placed on it. Finally, the candle will be filled with yellow and the cake will be filled with liver. So that its shape becomes similar to that of a cake.

How To Draw Birthday Cake


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