how to draw Asian Girl

how to draw Asian Girl: Hello friends, how are you? How are you? Well, our topic today is the drawing of Asian girls which we will learn about this drawing today. How the drawing is done and in which country this drawing is considered the most famous. First, we see what we need to draw on which we will draw. Then we need a pencil box which has a lot of pencils for drawing. After that, we start drawing step by step.


 draw Asian Girl


In the first step of drawing, we will make a box inside which we will mark the pulse so that we can easily make their face. The way we made it in the pictures. Take a look at the pictures below and then try it out for yourself۔

The second step

The second step of this drawing is now we will learn how to make it first.In Nest we now start making his face as shown in the photo below first you will look at it carefully then try it yourself if you have any opinion about it. You can comment if you wish


3rd Step

In the third step of this drawing, we will brighten his face and his eyes so that we can see what our drawing is and give us a very beautiful outlook.

If you want to see his video, here is his video. Watch it. Watch the full video and complete our website so that you can get better and drawings from it.

watch Video draw Asian Girl

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