How to draw an eye with teardrop | eye with teardrop Drawing

How to draw an eye with teardrop

How to draw an eye with teardrop: Hi friends! I have brought you a very enjoyable drawing that you will love very much. This is especially true for people who love each other. If a friend is ever angry, send such pictures to your friend. In this we have made an eye from which a drop of tears will be coming out. The eye and tear drawing is very nice so I am sharing it with my friends so that my friends can also enjoy it.

I think you will love this drawing. Because I like eye drawing, I think you will like it too. You can also share this dragon with your friends so that they too can see and do such dragons. I will divide the dragon of the eye into two parts because it is a little bigger. This drawing is very pleasing to you. You must read my drawing method.

The first way is to draw tears from the eyes:

Now I’m going to start with the first method of drawing an eye in which we have to make a whole dragon. We need to make it. Because drawing a human eye is a little difficult. I will do such a drawing, everyone will like it very much. Everyone will love my eye drawings and make such drawings from me. Now we start drawing. First of all, we just have to sketch the lines and make an eye sketch.

First we will make a circle inside the eye. Then we will dye it black and then we will make the hair above the eye. After that we will make barbatas. Then we will make their hair. And we will shape it into an eye. Then we brush our entire dragon so that it is perfectly clean and very shiny.

How to draw an eye with teardrop

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