How to Draw an Elephant | Elephant Drawing

How to Draw an Elephant

How to Draw an Elephant: Today I am going to tell you about a very good type of drawing that you will love. I named it How to Draw an Elephant. This is a lovely drawing for children and children will be very happy to see it. Because children love this kind of drawing. Because kids are happy to see the same things on TV. Will be happy to see it too. People will buy to fulfill the desire of their children and put it on the walls of their houses because it will also look very cute on the walls of the houses. This drawing is mostly used. I am thinking of completing it in just one step and I will complete it.

First Step:

This is our first step in drawing an elephant. It will tell you how to do it and what things will be needed. If you want to make it more beautiful, you can fill it with color. So that your drawing becomes much more beautiful. Let’s start making. First we have to make an elephant’s eye. Then we have to make his head. And in front of it is to make a big trunk and there are also ivory teeth which are visible with its big mouth. They are also to be made. Then the whole elephant body is made. When it becomes an elephant, we will brighten its drawing. So that the elephant is very beautiful.

How to Draw an Elephant

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