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How to Draw a Tiger: Hello friends, I have come to you again today with a new post. Today’s topic is drawing a lion. We will learn how to draw a lion and which pencil is used. Like today I will say that if you are new to our website then bookmark our website to learn drawing.

I think it would be great if I could introduce you to the drawing. Everybody wants my name to be in the drawing and my work goes. That is, in every work, in every business, the harder one works, the more sustenance he gets. Now anyone who has made a drawing of a lion must have long ago wondered whether the drawing could be made by us or not. Well, no matter what, let’s start drawing.

step 1 of Tiger Drawing

Like every drawing, we will make a box on the drawing chart board. The advantage of this is that the lines do not move here and there. Then you have to make the face of the lion as shown in the photo belowŰ”

Tiger Drawing

2nd step of Tiger Drawing

Now here we will work his eyes. When we make eyes, we have to make round boxes that are not to be filled with ideas like eyes.I am watching and telling in the video. You have to follow me, not anyone else.

tiger Drawing

Watch Video of Tiger Drawing :

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