How to draw a Fish inside Bulb | Fish Inside Bulb Drawing

How to draw a Fish inside Bulb

How to draw a Fish inside Bulb: Hi friends! I hope you are well. I have come to disturb you to tell you how to make a good drawing. Which we made the video an overnight sensation. In my mind, this drawing is the most used drawing in the world. You can enjoy making similar drawings. Because this is a very good drawing, we have to make the fish inside a bulb.

We have to make such a drawing today. When we draw a fish inside a bulb, think for yourself how good the drawing will be. It will not benefit me as much as it will benefit you. I will show you how to do this drawing today. I have started to divide the drawing of fish into one part for your convenience. I have such ease and it is easy anyway. The more I tell you, the easier it is for me.

For How to draw a Fish inside Bulb the first step:

Understand this as my first and last step or it is up to you. Because I’ll tell you the whole way to make a fish into a bulb, first we’ll make a bulb, we’ll sketch it, then we’ll think about what to do next.

When we make a sketch of the bulb then make a sketch of the fish in it and we will make a stone on the lower side inside the bulb. Then we will fill our entire drawing with black. Then we will brush on it so that our drawing becomes clear and shiny because of which people want our drawing very much and make the rest of the drawings from us.

How to draw a Fish inside Bulb

Watch Video draw a Fish inside Bulb:



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