Draw trees of Autumn session | trees of Autumn session Drawing

Draw trees of Autumn session: Today I have come to tell you that Draw trees of Autumn session. How is it drawn? And what do we need for that? For this we need to have colored pencils. And for that we have to have a black pencil. Because first we draw the tree with the help of this black pencil and then fill it with color which will enhance the beauty of the drawing. Which is why people will love our drawing so much. And most of the drawings will be made by us and we will have maximum publicity.

First Step:

In this first step we will take a black pencil with which we will draw a whole tree. Because we have to make our drawing very beautiful so that people will be attracted to our drawing and people will like our drawing very much. Here we will first make the branches of the tree and then make its leaves. And make a circle on it like a zigzag which is showing the upper part of the tree.

Draw trees of Autumn session

Second Step:

Then in the second step, I will tell you how to fill it with colors. In this we will first fill its branches with brown and its leaves with yellow. And under this tree we will show the fallen leaves so that this tree shows the scene of autumn. Autumn trees look so beautiful. And when she is drawn, she looks very beautiful and people like her drawing very much.

Draw trees of Autumn session


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