Draw Beautiful Cat | Beautiful Cat Drawing

Draw Beautiful Cat

Draw Beautiful Cat: Hi, today we have to do a very nice drawing which is very good. This is a drawing of a little kitten who is very angry. We grabbed him and made a picture of him. Now we have to draw him. It can take 15 to 20 minutes to draw because it is a bit difficult to draw. And long. Because we made the whole body of the kitten. So it will take some time and it will be difficult. All I can say is that the man who stopped his drawing will not be able to draw this cat. In order to draw a kitten, first we have to practice it three to four times and then we will be able to draw it better. I divided the kitten’s drawing into three parts.

First Step For Beautiful Cat Drawing:ْ

Now I will tell you in the first step where to start drawing a kitten. First of all, we will make his eyes, ears and head. They will complete these things and then they will create something else. When they become, then we will make its back, tail, hands and feet.

Draw Beautiful Cat

Second Step For Beautiful Cat Drawing:

The first step is complete. Now we have to start the second step. In it I will tell you what to do now. The first thing we did was to paint the cat’s head black. And then we have to make the cat’s feet and hands to help it walk. And they also have to be painted black.

Draw Beautiful Cat

Third Step For Beautiful Cat Drawing:

We have now reached the last step in which we have to complete the drawing. In this step we have to look at the cat’s drawing completely to see if there is anything wrong with it. If there is no mistake, we will fill it with all the black color. And our kitten drawing will be completed.

Draw Beautiful Cat

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